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Realize the Worth of Amazing Exclusive Deals for all the products that are Original & Fresh delivered by us. We prominently supply ONLY the finest quality products across the major continents of globe. We offer only the genuine and customer beneficial deals.

High Quality Packing

We endow with extensive large units with advanced facilitated equipments required to pack numerous categories of Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Spices, Oil Seeds, Indian Cereals, and Indian Pulses. We take extreme care to safeguard all the products via all modes of transport.

Timely Delivery

Swift Deliver is the indisputable commitment from our end. We focus on building the relation with customers rather than business. Hence we process and deliver the order within time and we strongly believe that Timely Delivery is one of our firm’s asset.

Billing & Payment

We made your payment mode flexible by providing options such as Advanced Payment, Letter of Credit, and Advance Telegraphic Transfer. We make sure to protect your billing according to the government policies.

Trusted Trader

IndiumExim is the emerging global import export firm which has been established to inculcate transparent, zero risk, and economic services to global buyers. We directly collect from farmers and manufactures and export products to buyers. We inspect each delivery and assure for 100% quality.

All sellers and buyers connected with us will undergo credit verification. Dealing with IndiumExim ensures to reduce import/ export costs to reasonable price. Getting connected with IndiumExim eliminates the cost of identifying reliable suppliers and customers. We import small to bulk size qualities as well as export products. Being 100% transparent and quoting unbeatable market price lies in our business services satisfaction.



Beetroot is the root portion of the beet plant. They are deep purple in color and are eaten raw,

Bitter Gourd
Bitter Gourds

Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon is a unique vegetable fruit that can be used either as medicine or food..


Brinjal also called as Eggplant is an edible fruit from the species of nightshade. It is a member..


Cabbage is a green leafy biennial plant grown as an annual crop. Cabbage is consumed raw or used in many..


Capsicum or peppers is a flowering plant from the nightshade family. They are cultivated all around the..


Carrot is a root vegetable that is orange colored. Carrot is a biennial plant from the family of Apiaceae..

Cluster Beans
Cluster Beans

Cluster beans or Guar is an annual legume and is the source of Guar gum. Among crop rotation cycle..


Drumstick is the most widely cultivated species of genus Moringa. It is mainly grown in semiarid..

Elephant yam
Elephant yam

Elephant yam or White spot giant arum is an edible tuber crop grown in Africa. These are used in..

Fresh beans
Fresh beans

Fresh beans or Green beans are young, unripe fruit with protective pods. Fresh beans are used as..

Fresh Curry Leaves

Fresh curry leaves are a spice used as a common seasoning ingredient to almost every to enhance its..

Fresh Ginger

Ginger is used for relieving digestive problems such as loss of appetite, motion sickness..


Gherkin is a member of the cucumber family. Gherkins are used in salads or eaten raw. They..

Green Chilies

Green Chili or Chili pepper is a fruit from the plant of Capsicum genus. They are originated from..


Lemon or Citrus lemon is native to Asia and is a species of evergreen tree from Rutaceae family..

Okra Image

Okra Aka Lady Finger imported/ exported by us is safely preserved. Adequate moisture and humidity..


We are pre-eminent exporters of big onions and offer at reasonable prices. Delivering fresh..


We are trusted traders and suppliers of natural raw potatoes. We supply premium quality..

Ridge gourd
Ridge gourds

Ridge Gourd or Sponge Gourd is a genus of tropical vines in cucumber family. It is easy to cultivate..

Snake gourd
Snake gourd

Snake Gourd or Trichosanthes cucumerina is a tropical or subtropical vine raised for its long..

Teasel gourd
Teasel gourd

Teasel Gourd or Spiny Gourd is a species of flowering plant from Gourd family. It has antibiotic..

Tomoto Image

We are familiar fresh tomato suppliers and exporters from India. People can’t imagine cuisines without..

What we do


We collect small to bulk quantities from various regions of India, Nepal, and few others countries. We never compromise on quality of product(s).


We export finest items of several categories such as vegetables, fresh fruits, spices, oil seeds, Indian cereals, and Indian pulses to global buyers such as UAE and USA.

Quality Services

Our end to end services will never miss quality metrics and we assure to supply healthy, natural, and nutritious items without compromising quality.


Azhar Mohammad

Exporter, Dubai

IndiumExim has win over my heart with their great customer service in terms of prompt responding and I am really happy with the quality of products that I received.

John Smith

Trader, USA

We ordered organic fruits and I really amazed after receiving pack from IndiumExim. Hope we continue this relation.

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